Refer a Friend

Would you and your friend both like to receive a €5 discount? Then recommend your friend now. Give your friend the happiness of SKIP YOUR DIP! and get a discount as well.


Curious about what to do?

  1. Go to and click on the icon at the bottom left (like the image below)
  2. Click on Join now and create an account (if you already have an account you don't have to).
  3. Are you in your account? Then click on the icon again in the lower left corner to receive your unique link.
  4. Share this unique link in any way you can
  5. Your friend has to fill in his or her email via your link (this email address may not be known to us)
  6. Your friend places an order with the €5 discount code
  7. Receive your €5 discount code in the same place as your unique link
  8. Enter the code at checkout and enjoy your discount at SKIP YOUR DIP!


The icon on the bottom left looks like this:

Icoon Refer a Friend

Can't figure it out? Please contact us!