About us

Jeroen Wouter Quinten


You may want to know a little more about us. We understand!

Here you can read why beFesti. started and how we came up with our first product.

How did beFesti. start?

In 2020 we, three fanatic festival visitors (Jeroen, Wouter and Quinten), founded beFesti. We started to make your life as a festival visitor easier and more enjoyable.

We also started our Instagram page @be.festi out of love for festivals and nowadays we are active on TikTok @befesti, where we treat our followers daily to the best Techno/Festival content. 

We also experienced a problem that many more (festival) friends experienced: the TUESDAY DIP!

After a nice weekend of partying, you definitely need a week to recover. This had to change in our opinion. That's why we went looking for a product with the highest quality ingredients and perfectly balanced.

Selling only one product is boring right? That is why we offer more! We are not just a brand, we offer you an experience. 

This is what we find important to pass on to our beFriends. and you are a beFriend.! We make sure that your life as a festival-goer becomes easier.

How did SKIP YOUR DIP! come about?

After a great party or festival we experienced a dramatic consequence, the TUESDAY DIP!

After this we started researching what exactly is a Tuesday dip and what exactly causes a Tuesday dip. After almost a year of research, we developed a safe product with natural ingredients, which has now become a household name within the Dutch festival industry.

By being honest and open about the ingredients, uses and tips on taking it, we are confident that SKIP YOUR DIP! is the perfect post-festival remedy for you.